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Feb. 7th, 2009


For those who may be interested, all of my stories can be found at www.thepetulantpoetess.com

The stories themselves come under the penname 'sweetflag'.

The one that has a special place is 'Better Not Knowing'.  It was the first one that I started writing, and the first piece of writing that I wanted to upload somewhere... anywhere!  Ironically, it is still a WIP, and other completed stories have emerged as my confidence has grown.  It is very nearly finished, and for some reason, that makes sad.

I'm branching out into other areas and genres; even trying my hand at something approaching humour!

The site is very good, and the stories that I have read are incredibly good, and I have several favourite authors and stories; I am enjoying being involved in it.  Although, I'm still very much a newbie and on the edge of things, I am still all the closer than I was before posting.  My aim is to become a validated author.  I see that as the medal at the end of the marathon; all the hard work on my part, the patience of my beta and admins, and the time devoted to learning the craft will all be acknowledged. *sigh*

To show my thanks for everyone's efforts at the site and because I have the time and want to help, I've volunteered to do some 'pimping'.  I was sweating on the day it was my turn--will there be something to pimp that day?  But after staying up until just gone one a.m., I couldn't see anything.  I was oddly disappointed, but there will be others, I'm sure :D

Feb. 6th, 2009

Taking the Plunge

I'm still sort of practising with all this computer malarkey, but I like a challenge.

In another place, I'm known as sweetflag, and I write some Harry Potter fanfiction.  I really enjoy it; it's challenging, fun and an aid to sanity. But the best bit, the absolute best bit is that I joined up with an awesome woman!  The lady was the last on a list of potential betas, and I swear that Fate must have had her eye on me during that time because I now have the immense privilege to call her a friend.  I think that under her wing, I have improved in ways--she taught me about grammar and punctuation too, as being British was an in inherent disadvantage to having a good grasp of just what to do with commas and apostrophes.  In fact, the whole writing thing has been an education within itself.

At the moment, I'm advertising myself (grammar hussy that I am) as a beta to help fill the few minutes that I manage to squirrel away for my own personal pleasure, and also during the bouts of insomnia, I write the odd chapter or two... or three.  I enjoy beta reading, and each new chapter helps to hone my skills.  In about three decades, I may be able to tell you exactly why you need that comma.  For now, you'll just have to take a leap and believe me.

 In another place (the real world), I'm a trainee teacher studying to teach science in secondary schools, although I'm beginning to believe that to some extent this equates to an exercise in damage limitation.  I also have two young children, whose aims are to drive me insane or to destitution--I know which my money is on!

My studies have slowed to a crawl--tectonic plate just overtook me--but I am finding the lull to be most helpful, so I can cope with feeling that everything is whooshing past me.  I hope to start the theory work next week, and with some luck, I will start the school placements in September.

And on top of that, we are upping and moving to Canada--well, that's the plan; we're still in the queue.

Errmm... what else?  I like chocolate, reading, writing... hmm... not good interests for maintaining a trim figure!  But hubby can come to the rescue there... he bought Wii Fitness coach... what the hell were you thinking?  

I have to go now and do something that unfortunately does not involve technology... the dishes!


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